SAF : Arab communities stand by Syria against terrorism

New York, SANA- The Syrian-American Forum “SAF” held on Monday in New Jersey an Iftar banquet, attended by members of the Syrian community and Arab organizations in US where participants stressed the unity of Arab communities and their stand against terrorism faced by Syria and its people.

In a speech delivered during the banquet, Chairman of SAF branch in New York, Dr. Ghias Moussa, affirmed the importance of solidarity between communities to convey a unified message to the US administration that terrorism, led, supported and funded by the US and its allies, will target it, unless the international community cooperate with Syria in fighting terrorism and putting an end to its influence and presence in the area.

Moussa pointed out that the terrorist war in Syria target the social fabric of the Syrian people, to dismantle all Syrian communities in different parts of the world in order to start wars sparking from the Middle East and then spread around the world in order to divert the attention from the main issue, represented by the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Syrian Golan and other occupied Arab territories.

The banquet was attended by chairman of Muslim Unitarian Society in the US Sami Merhi, the first Arab and Muslim judge in New Jersey, Rami Eid, representatives of the American- Iraqi Forum, the Coptic authority in North America as well as a crowd of Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Egyptian and Pakistani communities in the states of New York, and Pennsylvania.

SAF in New Jersey hosted last Ramadan an Iftar banquet for the Syrian community under the title of “reunion” in a move for stressing unity of Syrian expatriates and their adherence to national principles.

SAF is a political and social institution, operating in accordance with US laws, by members of Syrian community and other Arab communities and American peace activists to unify ranks of Syrian expatriates in the US and to support Syria’s steadfastness against the global war waged against it.