Security Council should not deal with power change in Syria, Churkin asserts

Moscow, SANA -‏ Russia’s UN Permanent Representative Vitaly Churkin asserted that the UN Security Council should not go into “regime change” in Syria as it is in the Council’s interests to have Syrians reach internal peace by themselves.

“The UN Security Council should not deal with power changes. Especially since the history of the Middle East, particularly in the last decade, demonstrates that forcing scenarios from outside brings chaos to countries and does not solve but aggravate [their] problems,” Churkin said in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper on Thursday.

He noted that the Security Council expressed last week its support to the project of forming Syrian-Syrian working groups that work on the basis of Geneva agreements so that the Syrians come to agree, backed by the UN, on security, political and legal and counter-terrorism issues.

The council, Churkin added, “will keep the situation under close control, but the decision has to be made by Syrians,” stressing that Russia considers agreement among the Syrians a principal matter.