Indian politician: Syrians are capable of defeating terrorism and preserving Syria’s unity

New Delhi, SANA – Vice-President of Indian National Congress Party Rahul Gandhi affirmed on Tuesday that the Syrian people are able to defeat terrorism and preserve the unity of their country.

During his meeting with Syria’s Ambassador in New Delhi Riyad Abbas, Gandhi expressed his concerns about what the terrorism targeting Syria, voicing hope that the crisis in Syria will be resolved through peaceful ways and that the unity and cohesion of Syria and its people will be preserved.

For his part, Abbas asserted the need for concerted international efforts to fight the phenomenon of terrorism which knows no borders and threatens global peace and security, pointing out that the only way to fight terrorism lies in stopping funding, training, and arming terrorists.

The ambassador underlined the strength of relations between Syria and India, expressing hope that these relations between the two countries will be expanded and enhanced in various fields.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh