Lavrov renews Russia’s support to Syrian people and government

Moscow, SANA Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated his country’s support to the Syrian government and people,calling for immediate stop of the foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The non-coordination of the international alliance against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization with the Syrian government is a flagrant violation of the Syrian sovereignty which could not lead to the desired outcomes without the engagement of the Syrian army in the battle, Lavrov said in a joint press conference with his Qatari counterpart in Doha on Monday.

Lavrov pointed out that his talks with his Qatari counterpart dealt with the situation in Syria, Yemen, Libya, the Palestinian issue and the threats posed to the Middle East.

He indicated that the tripartite meeting which brought him together with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, touched upon means of finding a solution to the crisis in Syria and the UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura’s initiatives connected to the implementation of the
agreement reached in Geneva Conference on 2012.

On the US plans to protect what is called the moderate opposition in Syria, Lavrov said we discussed this issue with the Kerry as the US informed us upon the formation of the international alliance to fight ISIS organization in Syria and Iraq, but the US has got the approval of the Iraqi government and it did not got the approval of the Syrian government and it did not want to coordinate with Syria.. thus those operations constitute a violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian state.

Those military operations could not help ending ISIS terrorist organization; therefore the entrance of the Syrian Army and all those who fight to defend Syria into the battle is inevitable, Lavrov clarified.
During his press conference with Kerry and al- Jubeir, Lavrov called for immediate stop of any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, warning Washington against the repercussions of protecting the gunmen on the efforts of combating terrorism.

Showing Russia’s serious concern over the continuity of the crisis in Syria and the humanitarian catastrophe in this country, the Russian Minister said that the US latest statements on offering air coverage for some armed factions, Washington had trained, would have Counterproductive as it will hinder fighting the terrorists in the region.

Illustrating Moscow’s stance towards finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria in the light of the terrorist threats posed by ISIS terrorist acts, Lavrov confirmed that Russia is offering technical military support to the Syrian government in its fight against the danger of ISIS organization, as well as it offers technical military support to the Iraqi government for combating this organization, asserting that Russia believes that without this support ISIS would have extended hundreds of thousands square kilometers.

He reiterated that the danger of ISIS organization constitutes the biggest threat to the region, expressing hope over the possibility of achieving a progress in the political process in Syria as well as in the field of the formation of a strong front for facing the danger of terrorism in the Middle East.

He stressed that the consultations on the formation of a front in the face of terrorism include a number of countries, among them Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and not limited to Russia, the US and Saudi Arabia.

He hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiative of last June on the formation of a front encompassing the neighboring countries of Syria to eliminate terrorism and at the same time work for carrying out the political process according to Geneva agreements.

Lavrov pointed out that the essence of the Russian proposal on the formation of a wide-scale anti-terrorism front, based on an acceptable international law, aims at setting a barrier in the face of the terrorists in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region and ensuring all required circumstances for a successful solution to the political, economic and humanitarian issues.

H. Zain/ Barry