Senator Black: The world has to be glad with Syria’s victories over terrorism

Damascus Countryside, SANA- US Senator Richard Black expressed joy over the return of security to Syria, hoping that Syria would eliminate what has remained of terrorist cells.

Senator Balck, In a press statement at Jdidet Yabous crossing point, said that the whole world has to be glad over the victories achieved by Syria.

He added that during the visit to Syria he felt the Syrian people’s love for Syrian Arab Army and leadership who maintained the unity of the country and restored security to it.

The American Senator pointed out that when Syria and its allies were fighting Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization, the Western intelligences in UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey sent support, orders and funding to the terrorists.

Mr. Black praised the security and stability situation in the areas he visited and the role of reconciliation sponsored by the Syrian state and the return of locals to their homes.