European misleading campaign against Syria full of lies, Czech delegation asserts

Damascus, SANA- The Czech youth delegation that represents the Communist Youth Union (KSM) of the Czech Republic asserted that the misleading propaganda against Syria supported by the world imperialism constitutes a large part of the war waged against Syria.

The delegation’s members who ended their visit to Syria on Tuesday called on the European governments to change their views towards Syria away from the role written by the United States and dictated upon these governments.

Member of the KSM’s Central Committee Milan Krajca affirmed that what the delegation’s members saw on ground is more credible than what has been published by the western media outlets which attempt to delude the world public opinion that there is internal crisis in Syria whereas the reality contradict this, pointing out that the delegation believe in the importance of achieving peace in Syria and other countries in the world.

He expressed the delegation’s determination to exert more efforts in the Eastern European States to face the European hostile media campaign that targets Syria, highlighting that President Bashar al-Assad’s interview with the Czech TV last week presented valuable information on the real situation in Syria and left a good impression on the Czech people.

Krajca regretted the damage inflicted on the Syrian infrastructure at the hands of the terrorist organizations in Syria, mainly the educational sector.
He pointed out that there are good relations between the Czech Communist and Social organizations and the Syrian Youth organizations due to the convergence of their political views and their stance in the face of the world imperialism.

The delegation’s three day visit comes in the framework of the strong continuous relationships between the Communist youth organizations and parties in different countries in the world and Syria’s organizations and parties.