KCK Chairman.. Turkey prevents purging Jarabulus and Raqqa of ISIS terrorists

Ankara, SANA- Chairman of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Cemil Bayik said that  Turkey prevents purging Jarabulus City and al-Raqqa Province in Syria of the ISIS  terrorists, indicating that Turkey has become a country that rejoices at the death of  civilians under the ruling of the Government of the Justice and Development Party

Bayik, in an article published Friday by the Turkish newspapers of “Azadiya Welat” and  “Yeni OzgUr Politika”, added that the ISIS terrorist organization receives a political  and financial support from the AKP Government in a way that prevents eliminating this  Terrorist organization.

Earlier, Turkish mass media revealed that Erdogan’s regime, in the framework of its support to different terrorist organizations in Syria, had sent aid to the terrorist groups in Lattakia countryside.

Bayik added that Syria can be purged of the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists easily after removing the Turkish obstacle.

He called upon the international powers to help removing the obstacle imposed by Turkey which prevents overcoming ISIS if they really want to defeat this terrorist organization and to eliminate it.

R.J/ Barry