Poisson: President al-Assad is devoting his energy to defending his country

Paris, SANA – Deputy at the French National Assembly and President of the Christian Democratic Party Jean-Frédéric Poisson said that Damascus is the key to the Middle East, and that French diplomacy has made mistakes in its policy towards Syria.
France’s Le Figaro quoted Poisson as saying that “The key to the Middle East is in Damascus,” with the deputy saying that France lost its position and influence in the region due to its policies towards Syria, urging the French President and Foreign Minister to “wake up.”
He also said that when it comes to policies towards Syria “European diplomats climbed high in the tree, and they need help to come down.”
Regarding his meeting with President al-Assad, Poisson said that the meeting lasted for around 80 minutes, and that it went very well, describing President al-Assad as being courteous, smiling, and modern in his manner of speaking, and that he is devoting his energy to defending his country, noting that what he saw in reality was completely unlike the image that media outlets attempts to draw of President al-Assad.
On media claims regarding the situation in Syria, Poisson said that the situation in the country is almost normal, noting that on Saturday night during a meeting with officials at a hotel in Damascus, there was a wedding at the same hotel that lasted until 4am, which shows that Syria isn’t undergoing a state of recession and that Syrians aren’t depressed.
Poisson had met President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday during his visit to Damascus, and back in February a French delegation that included deputies and figures.
Hazem Sabbagh