Iran, Brazil: Weakening Syrian government would increase terrorism

Tehran, SANA Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said all countries of the world should give priority to fighting terrorism in Syria to prevent terrorist organizations turning into “terrorist governments.”

“Syria is involved in a big war with terrorists and the country’s people are facing severe difficulties, including displacement,” Rouhani was quoted as saying in a Friday meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff in New York on the sidelines of the annual session of the UN General Assembly.

He warned against weakening the central government in Syria because “toppling” the government would only give more opportunities to terrorists to kill civilians.

“If all the world’s countries prioritize the fight against terrorism in Syria, it would be an appropriate way to solve problems and work toward political reforms in this country,” added Rouhani.

The Brazilian President, in turn, echoed Rouhani’s remarks, warning that weakening the Syrian government would spread terrorism.

Rousseff said the world has realized that prolonging the war in Syria would strengthen the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

He added that there is no doubt that Syria needs some political reforms, but the priority now in this country should be given to saving the people and solving the issues of refugees and displaced people.

In a relevant context,  Iranian President  said Iran’s relations with Syria will continue, stressing that fighting terrorism should be the priority in the efforts for solving the crisis in Syria.

“Today, the main sources of concern are homelessness of the Syrian people, destruction of the country by terrorist groups and killing of the innocent Syrian people by terrorists,” Rouhani said in statements to editors and chief anchors of
the US and international media in New York on Friday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meetings.

“Campaign against terrorism is undoubtedly the first priority of Syria. Stability without democracy will not be possible. On the other hand, one cannot speak of democracy and set up a ballot box in the midst of terrorism and war,” he added.

He expressed hope that “a collective solution for Syria will be found out whose result will be an end to terrorism, return of refugees to their country and the process of dialogue among Syrian groups for the future. And we are busy in talks with different countries on the issue.”

The Iranian President said that all countries that can play a positive role in finding a solution to the crisis in Syria should get on board.


H. Zain/ H. Said