Rouhani: The decision on Syria’s future is the Syrians’

Tehran, SANA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran is willing to engage in any dialogue table to solve the crisis in Syria, stressing that the Syrian people alone should decide their country’s future.

No country or international power should decide on behalf of the Syrian people, Rouhani added in a joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart Heinz Fischer.

He made it clear that Syria is a sovereign state, and that the priority there is to fight terrorism and establish stability.

Rouhani called upon all the influential countries, including the European states, to take effective steps towards combating terrorism in Syria, adding that Iran sees it as its human and Islamic duty to take any step to that effect.

He voiced Iran’s willingness to sit at any dialogue table to solve the crisis in Syria. “What is important is what the dialogue table brings about and not who sits at it,” said Rouhani.

H. Said