Justice Minister: Foreign people who fought alongside terrorists are given a fair trial

Damascus, SANA – Minister of Justice Najim al-Ahmed warned of the Tunisians who acquired combat capabilities in the fighting in Syria, saying the return of those back to Tunisia could pose a threat to the Tunisian society.

Meeting a Tunisian media delegation in Damascus on Tuesday, al-Ahmad said all arrested persons who fought alongside the terrorist organizations are given a fair trial at the Syrian courts.

For his part, Head of Tunisian delegation, Editor-in-Chief of al-Sahafa Newspaper Ziad al-Hani said the Tunisian youths who joined the terrorist organizations in Syria were the victims of misleading practiced by recruiting networks.

He called for unmasking and prosecuting the leaders of these networks that brainwashed those Tunisian youths.

Al-Hani expressed appreciation of the sacrifices and steadfastness of the Syrian people and army in the face of the terrorists, commending the warm welcome given to the Tunisian delegation.

The delegation members noted that their visit to Syria comes in the framework of a mutual desire on the part of the Syrian and Tunisian people to restore the relations between their countries and expressing solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of terrorism.

They voiced determination to convey the true image of the events taking place in Syria and the obnoxious crimes perpetrated by the terrorist organizations against its people to the Tunisian public opinion back at home.

R.J/H. Said