National Dialogue follow-up Committee: Political process starts by mobilizing efforts to fight terrorism

Moscow, SANA- Members of the National Dialogue Follow-up committee delegation affirmed that a political process starts by mobilizing efforts to fight terrorism which is the Syrians’ top concern and a need that is not subject to political compromising.

In a statement issued by the delegation which concluded a visit to Russia, the delegation members affirmed their rejection of any project that aims to divide Syria and considering any autonomy project in any Syrian area an internal Syrian affair.

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They underlined necessity that any event related to a political solution in Syria be well-prepared, stressing the importance of holding Geneva 3 and calling for engaging all political and independent powers in the political process.

Members of the delegation stressed the need to prepare the ground for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue through the international diplomatic efforts without them being a substitute for it, urging the international community to take notice of crimes the committed against the besieged areas in Syria.

They also considered the Syrian national dialogue follow-up committee an experience that can lay the ground for a balanced relation between the Syrian government, opposition and society.


In a press conference held in Moscow, the delegation members hailed Russia’s stance regarding the situation in the Middle East, warning of attempts by some international and regional powers to use the push for a political process to impose conditions that are now obsolete and detrimental to the political settlement in Syria.

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The delegation members condemned “outside opposition” which is out of touch with the situation in Syria, expressing rejection of attempts to promote foreign agendas that harm the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

Concluding the visit to Russia, the delegation members met head of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Naumkin who expressed trust in an unwavering and sustainable Russian support for Syria.

Naumkin, who moderated two rounds of inter-Syrian consultative talks in Moscow this year, called for concerted international efforts to fight terrorism.

He deplored the “unfortunate developments in the Arab world and Syria”, expressing solidarity with the Syrians who are struggling against terrorism and a barbaric terrorist campaign that has swept through the entire world.

Naumkin warned of foreign parties stoking the Syrian crisis and interfering in the Syrian internal affairs.

Head of the delegation Dr. Ali Haidar thanked the Russian friends for their efforts to speed up a political process in Syria.

“International community is opting for a political solution in Syria through a political process that might be long and arduous,” he added, warning of a prolonged state of war, chaos and terrorism should this process be aborted.


Haidar pointed out that a change in priorities has taken place in the past couple of years as the threat of terrorism has been mounting and spiraling out of control, prompting fears in the countries that back terrorism that it might affect their own internal affairs.

The minister blamed the current state of affairs on parties who raised slogans that are too much for the Syrian people to handle, edging the country towards “suicide”, with the majority of these parties now talking, with a tinge of objectivity, about a political process.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal