Salute to the soul of archeologist Khaled al-Asaad Photo exhibition

Hama, SANA A photo exhibition was organized Wednesday at Masyaf Cultural Center dubbed A salute to the soul of Archeologist Khaled al-Asaad, who was beheaded by the ISIS terrorists in Palmyra recently.

The exhibition included about 50 photos embodying the most prominent heritage and cultural sites and unique natural destinations in Syria.


The Exhibition was organized by Masyaf Antiquities Association in cooperation with the Center within the activities of the Association’s first Cultural Festival and in the framework of the UN Education, Scientific and Cultural, Organization (UNESCO) Campaign titled ‘United with Heritage’.

The exhibition managed to convey a massage on the beauty of Syria and to document the heritage and historical sites in it, Deputy Chairman of Masyaf antiquities association Munzer Atfeh said, indicating the damage affected those sites at the hands of the terrorist organizations.


Participants stressed that the exhibition aimed at conveying a message to the whole world that Syria is a country of deep-rooted history and whatever terrorists have done will not erase those aestheticism and ancient heritage.

The one-week festival includes various cultural activities.
H. Zain/ Barry