Velayati: Syria is the golden ring of the resistance axis


Tehran, SANA – Syria represents the golden ring of resistance axis, Ali Akbar Velayati, Advisor to Iranian Supreme leader said Sunday at the opening of the activities of the General Assembly meeting .

Velayati pointed out that the fierce terrorist war hatched against Syria was due to its pivotal role in the resistance axis, asserting that the United States aimed at breaking this ring, but it failed.

He underlined that they believed that during few weeks they would be able to topple the legitimate government in Syria, but they failed thanks to the resilience of the Syrian people and wisdom of their leadership.

The Iranian official pointed out that more than 80 countries across the world participate in the conspiracy against Syria, in addition to opening the borders by Syria’s neighboring countries, to allow the flow of the terrorists into it.

The situation would be different in Iraq, Lebanon and the whole region, except for the failure of the American scheme in Syria, Velayati went on to say, stressing that part of terrorists, who come to Syria, are of the American “Water Black” group, who had committed heinous crimes against the Afghani people, and today they aim at creating new group to terrify the Muslims and Christians in the region.

He criticized the silence of some friendly countries towards the conspiracy hatched against Syria and aims at partitioning it, elaborating that “there is no moderate and extremist terrorists among those who come to Syria as all of them are terrorists”.

He hailed journalists role in resisting the global arrogance, calling them to keep with the events taking place in the Islamic world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, urging the IRTVU to play a pioneer role in this regard.

H. Zain/ Barry