Mikdad: Priority in solving crisis in Syria is fighting terrorism

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said on Sunday Syria has dealt positively with everything that could serve the war against terrorism.

During a two-day Intellectual Political Symposium organized by the Culture and Media Office of al-Baath Party’s Regional Leadership, Mikdad highlighted the necessity of unifying the regional and international efforts for fighting terrorism to achieve the desired results.

He stressed that Syria’s neighboring countries must be compelled to implementing the UN Security Council’s counterterrorism resolutions no. 2170, 2178 and 2199.

Speaking of the solution to the crisis in Syria, Mikdad said the solution is one of various tracks, starting with the priority of fighting the terrorist organizations through halting their funding, training and infiltration sources, highlighting in this context the need for establishing a regional and international coalition against terrorism based on the Russian initiative.

Mikdad clarified that the program of the political solution in Syria stresses the necessity of forming a higher national committee tasked with forging a national pact with a number of principles, mainly committing to Syria’s sovereignty and unity, rejecting foreign interference in its internal affairs and adhering to the civil state and the rule of law.

The participants in the symposium, which will last till Monday, will discuss the role of media in enhancing national awareness and the role of the economic factor in enhancing the steadfastness among other issues.

R.J/H. Said