Turkish CHP rejects AKP government’s policies against Syria

Ankara, SANA- Hundreds of youths from the Turkish Republican People’s Party “CHP” organized on Sunday a march in Istanbul to express their solidarity with the Syrian people in their war against terrorism.

The demonstrators, who gathered at “Kadikoy” square, raised Syrian and Turkish flags and banners in which they expressed their condemnation and rejection of the war on Syria.

Chairman of CHP Youths Department, Porcay Dozja, pointed out that the government of Justice and Development Party “AKP”, in cooperation with imperialist and Arab reactionary powers, plots conspiracies against Syria and supports terrorists’ organizations from the beginning of the crisis in Syria, on top, “Jabhat al-Nusra”,Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” and the so called “Free Army”.

He asserted Turkish people’s rejection of any aggressive policies of AKP against Syria, saying “We all are Syria, we all are against terrorism and terrorists”,

Last Thursday, CHP denounced the war on Syria and AKP government’s attempts to implicate Turkey in military intervention in Syria.

Reem /Barry