Photographic Islamic news agency, Islamic Film Market and engineering exhibition opened on the sideline of IRTVU meeting

Tehran, SANA- Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi and the Islamic Radios & televisions Union “IRTVU” Secretary General Ali Karimian opened on Sunday a Photographic Islamic news agency, Islamic Film Market and  engineering exhibition.

Earlier Sunday, activities of the 8th session of General Assembly of IRTVU were launched in Tehran with the participation of regional and international media establishments and figures.

“Halal Media” new brand for cinema and television productions also unveiled on the sideline of IRTVU meeting.

This brand will be granted to those production companies that promote pure productions, pure media and pure generations and other activities.

More than 100 media establishments took part in the 6th session of the Islamic Film Market while the engineering exhibition in its 5th session included companies that have great role in developing and investing Technology.

Minister al-Zoubi, who met Iranian Political and media officials in Tehran Friday and Saturday, heads Syria’s media delegation to the conference which lasts for three days.