No solution can achieve a result, unless combating terrorism is its major priority, Deputy FM.

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Dr. Faisal Mikdad renewed that no solution (for the crisis in Syria) can lead to a required result unless it takes combating terrorism its major priority.

Talking at a forum organized by al-Ba’ath Party in Damascus Sunday, Mikdad stressed that there is no “Moderate terrorism” and ” Takfiri or Extremist terrorism”, while the fact is whoever holds weapon and fights the state is a terrorist and should be fought.

On the initiatives for solving the crisis in Syria, Deputy Foreign Minister said.. Syria supports Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiative to form a regional coalition for fighting terrorism and it is ready to be a major factor in it, since the objective of this initiative is to find out solutions not creating problems.

Mikdad indicated that Syria talked about the difficulty of joining some, who were major parts in supporting and sponsoring terrorism, to the coalition, adding that we had to believe that some of those may retreat by logic and find out that the dangers of terrorism may reach his own lands.