Work teams engage in hectic efforts to showcase beauty of green spaces in Damascus Fairground City

Damascus, SANA- Damascus Fairground City has green spaces of 40 thousand square meters, including 10,804 trees, 3618 shrubs and flowering plants, 7900 annual plants and 20,000 pond plants.

Head of the Decoration Department, Bilal Mashadieh indicated that hectic preparations are underway at all levels to get the job done on time as the work teams have accomplished preparing the administration building, the Syrian pavilion, the journalists’ center, the businessmen center and the sales market ahead of the upcoming 60th edition of Damascus International Fair due to be held in September 2018.

Damascus Fairground City has an overall floor area of one million and 200 thousand square meters.

The First edition of the Damascus International Fair was held in 1954. It had been annually held until 2011, but was cancelled for five years due to the terrorist war on Syria, to resume again in 2017.