ESCWA rejects Israeli measures in Palestine and Occupied Syrian Golan, Jaafari.. Israeli support of terrorist organizations must stop

NEW York, SANA The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) adopted by a recorded vote of 42 in favour to 2 against (United States, Australia) a resolution rejecting Israeli occupation measures in the occupied Syrian
Golan and the Palestinian territories, including Eastern Jerusalem.
Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari hailed, in a speech at the session, ESCWA report on the economic and social repercussions, of the continuation of Israeli occupation and Israeli authorities’ ignorance of hundreds of UN resolutions, on the people of the occupied Syrian Golan and Palestine calling for
stopping Israeli exploitation, squandering and depletion of the natural resources in the occupied Arab lands.
Al-Jaafari held the international community responsible for the continuity of the suffering of the Palestinians and Syrians under its occupation as a result of not holding Israel accountable for its crimes, racial practices and systematic barbarism against the Palestinians and the Syrians and forcing them to leave their lands.
Syria’s Representative warned that the Israeli clear support to armed terrorist groups in the occupied Syrian Golan has increased the threat to the Syrian citizens there to unprecedented levels since the start of the Israeli occupation of the Syrian lands, due to the Israeli use of terrorist organizations, spreading at the disengagement area, as a tool to blackmail Syrians in Golan and put pressure on them to ally with the terrorists
against their homeland.
Al-Jaafari called on the ESCWA Commission to include its upcoming reports the fact of the Israeli frank support to the terrorists in occupied Syrian Golan.
He pointed to the Israeli continued arrest campaigns against the Syrians in occupied Syrian Golan, most recently the re-arrest of Syria’s Mandela, prisoner Sedqi al-Maqt without legal and ethical justifications after he was released in 2012 following a 27 years of imprisonment at the Israeli jails, which is the same detention period
that Nelson Mandela spent in the apartheid prisons in South Africa.
What the Syrians, whether in the Occupied Golan or in Syria, need now is ensuring an immediate international support to confront and uproot terrorism which target their lives, stability and development either the terrorism of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS”and Jabhat al-Nusra or other terrorist organizations which adopt the
Takfiri ideology as well as confronting the state terrorism which Israel is practicing against the Syrians in the occupied Golan, al-Jaafari went on to say.
He reiterated that supporting Palestinian people and the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan should be a top priority of the international community in the upcoming stage.
H. Zain/ Barry