In ‘Nabea al-Hayat’, a resort-turned-housing center, displaced locals wait anxiously for their return

Daraa, SANA- At the yard of the temporary housing center which is located inside Nabea al-Hayat (Spring of Life) resort in Jbab town in Daraa northern countryside, Waleed al-Zoubi dashes forth, holding a large watermelon close to his chest, while his son hastens to catch up with him, saying “we will return to our land and plant everything we want.”

This scene was captured by SANA’s camera when it visited the center which about to cast off its job as a temporary housing, amid accelerated victories by the Syrian army and renewed hope for citizens of an imminent return to their houses.

Jbab lies 90 km north of Daraa. The town was spared the scourge of terrorism after its locals took a unified stand against few who sought to spread sedition and chaos, expelling them from the town.

Waleed who came from Kafar Shamas town along with 13 relatives told SANA reporter that all the services were provided to the people in the temporary center, invoking God to expedite the victory of the Syrian Arab Army and eliminate all the terrorists in Daraa.

The center is located at the entrance of Jbab town inside the resort. In pre-war times, the locals of Daraa used to visit the spring for healing purposes as its sulfuric mineral waters are believed to have healing effects. The state turned it into a temporary residential center for those fleeing terrorist organizations.

Khaled Karatly considered that the Syrian army’s battle is an indirect battle against the Israeli enemy because it was Israel which planted terrorists in Daraa.

The resort’s few rooms could not accommodate the large number of displaced civilians. That’s why tents were set up on several parallel tracks. In the course of eight days, 463 families had arrived at the center.

Inside one of the tents sits Abdullah a-Diri and his wife Fatima, watching their children playing under the scalding sun. Originally from al-Shiekh Miskin in Deraa, the father was a government employee. The family of seven has been on the move for over four years, living in four towns: Shiekh Miskin, Dael, Nawa and Sheikh Saad, ending up in the center.

Asked when he expects to return to his home town, Abdulla replies with visible relaxation: “The state knows better, but we hope things will be as they used to be in all of Daraa.”