“Golan in Our Eyes” Festival held in Sweida

Sweida, SANA- The 4th Cultural Festival “Golan in Our Eyes” on Sunday kicked off at the Arab Cultural Center in Sweida province to mark the 34th anniversary of the national open strike staged by the people of the occupied Syrian Golan in 1982 in rejection of Israel’s decision to annex the Golan and of the Israeli identity.

Director of Sweida Cultural Center Mansour Harb Hneadi said that the festival comes in appreciation of the Golan’s people who stand by their homeland today in the face of the global war launched against it after they had thwarted all the Zionist schemes which aim at undermining their identity and Arabism and they have proved their adherence to the homeland and to their humanitarian and cultural heritage.

The five-day festival, organized by “Golan’s People” Society, includes a theatrical show, poetry reading by children, acrobatic show, a documentary film titled “al-Basha”, a popular artistic show, and a musical evening.

On February 14th, people of the occupied Syrian Golan declared a national open strike that lasted for six months in rejection of a decision issued by the Israeli occupation authorities on December 14, 1981 to annex the occupied Syrian Golan and impose its laws, administrative and judicial custody on it.