Syrian and Russian businessmen discuss means of enhancing cooperation

Damascus, SANA- A meeting embracing Syrian businessmen and a delegation of Russian businessmen on Sunday, focused on means of enhancing cooperation between both sides through exporting the Syrian goods to the Russian market, particularly the citrus, vegetables and other food materials.

Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Samir Khalil underlined the importance of seizing the current opportunity to export the Syrian commodities, particularly the food materials to the Russian market.

For his part, Chairman of the Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce Ghassan Qalla’a said that exporting the Syrian goods to the Russian market requires providing customs exemptions and the suitable sea transport means.


Chairman of the Exporters Union Mohammad al-Sawwah said that the quality and standards of the Syrian commodities are good as they are exported to about 36 countries.

Al-Sawwah considered that providing facilitations for the Syrian commodities to reach the Russian markets is a new step achieved by the Syrian industry and economy.
Chairman of the Syrian-Russian Businessmen Council Samir Hassan said the Council mobilizes all of its capabilities and experts to enhance the economic and trade cooperation between Russia and Syria.

Hassan underlined the necessity of establishing control companies and sea transport companies to increase the amount of the Syrian exports to Russia.3

For his part, Commercial Attaché at the Russian Embassy Igor Matveyev said that there is an opportunity to develop the trade exchange between Russia and Syria.

Matveyev expressed the readiness of the Russian Government to provide all the needed help, and to support the Syrian people, and to upgrade the Russian-Syrian economic relations to reach the level of the political and military relation between the two countries.