Conference in Rome calls for restoring diplomatic relations with Syria

Rome, Italy, SANA- Participants in a conference in Rome, stressed the importance of restoring diplomatic relations between Syria and
Italy to contribute to supporting the peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria and to take a clear stance towards terrorism and the countries which support it, particularly in light of the huge threats facing Europe.

The conference, held at one of the chambers of the Italian Parliament in Rome, was organized by the Italian- Arab Friendship Center under the title “Saving Syria…Eliminating Terrorism…What is the Role of Italy?”

Director of the Syrian Television & Radio General Production Company Diana Jabbour, speaking at the conference, referred to the systematic media war launched against Syria throughout the years of the crisis.

“According to us as Syrians, we have only two choices, either Syria will remain an independent secular democratic state or it will become a center for attracting terrorists from all parts of the world,” Jabbour said.

She called for restoring diplomatic relations with Syria, re-opening the embassies in the two countries and lifting the sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

For his part, Former Syrian Ambassador to Italy Samir al-Qasir said that the cold war hasn’t finished yet, but it continued secretly, adding that Saudi Arabia is igniting the situations in Syria to achieve its own interests.

He called upon Italy, “whose relations with Syria have always been good”, to play an effective and serious role at the international community to restore the stability to the Middle East, and respect the international law, the legitimacy of the Syrian state, and the right of the Syrian people to choose their future through helping the Syrians in countering terrorist organizations, in reconstruction and in protecting the Syrian cultural heritage.

Head of the Italian-Arab Friendship Center condemned the European contradicted stance towards the crisis in Syria and the biased stances and double standards of the European countries which are trying to impose solutions that serve their own interests at the expense of the democratic bases and the interests of the Syrian people and their right to choose their destiny.

He described the stances of the European governments as “political hypocrisy”, particularly with regard to the issue of the war against terrorism which is threatening their security today despite of their
strong ties with countries that directly support terrorism.

R.J/ Barry