Terrorism behind Syrians’ immigration, Assistant Interior Minister

Damascus, SANA- Assistant Interior Minister Gen. Hassan Ma’arouf stressed that the main reason behind the immigration of the Syrians is terrorism and the massacres committed against them by terrorist organizations, in addition to the economic siege imposed by the Western countries which have conspired against the Syrian people along with the regimes of Erdogan, Al Saud and Qatar.

Ma’arouf, speaking at a lecture on the immigration and it repercussions on the immigrants and the trafficking in people in Damascus Wednesday, indicated that 90 percent of the immigrants are inhabitants of areas where terrorists spread and that proves that the terrorists and their crimes and massacres are the main reason behind the immigration of the Syrians.

He added that a considerable percent of the immigrants towards the Western countries are not Syrians, since there are Arab and foreign immigrants who obtain fake passports in Turkey through people smuggling networks to enter the Western countries as Syrians, and these countries exaggerate when talking about the issue of immigration ignoring the main reason behind the immigration which is terrorism.

He affirmed that any Syrian immigrant who wants to return home through legal means will not be accounted.