Marathons held in several provinces to support “I have right to learn” program

Damascus, SANA – The Syria Trust for Development, in cooperation with “Here Is Syria” initiative, organized on Friday a marathon in Damascus to support “I have the Right to learn” program, a volunteer campaign launched in 2013.

With hundreds of people participating, the marathon, dubbed “We Learn for Tomorrow”, started from Tishreen Park on al-Rabweh road passing through Omayyad Square to end at Massar Center in the old Damascus International Fairground.

The participants said the marathon is aimed at providing support to children to encourage them to go back to school through helping their families, who were affected by terrorism, with financial assistance to reduce their school burden.

On the sidelines of the marathon, children from various music institutes performed music shows at Massar center.

Coinciding with the marathon in Damascus, similar events kicked off in Aleppo and Tartous provinces.

“I Have the Right to Learn” program has accomplished repair and rehabilitation works of several damaged schools and held a variety of events to support children at makeshift centers.

The Syria Trust for Development is an NGO that supports and sponsors social initiatives via partnerships with civil society organizations and individuals, focusing on development and social issues and working to promote business pioneering and volunteer work.