Iran won’t abandon support to Syrian people and Leadership, Velayati affirms

Beirut, SANA- Ali Akbar Velayati, Advisor to Iranian revolution Supreme Leader stressed that Iran will not abandon supporting the Syrian people and leadership, Iraq and its government and the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

“Those who target Syria were planning to divide it to five states as they aspire to divide Iraq to three states,” Velayati said in an interview with the Lebanese As-Safir newspaper published on Thursday, adding that “Syria’s steadfastness in face of the terrorist plans prevented the Israeli entity from controlling the region because the terrorists don’t think in confronting or fighting this entity.”

Velayati pointed out that Syria’s steadfastness became more durable and powerful than ever and this trend moves up in light of the victories achieved by the Syria Army and what has happened recently in Kwairis airport is an example.

He affirmed that future of the region is for its peoples who will determine it, highlighting that war on Syria is one of difficult wars in the region during the past years.

He made it clear that the Syrian and Iraqi armies and those who support them managed to stand in face of ISIS terrorist organization, affirming that defeating terrorism in Syria will be reflected positively on the situations in Iraq.