Syria counts on UNSC’s pivotal role in maintaining international peace and security, al-Jaafari asserts

New York, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that Syria counts on the pivotal role of the Security Council in maintaining the international peace and security and preventing conflicts, because that involves a great importance to provide a milieu which insures achieving the development, stability and peaceful of the peoples.

Addressing a Security Council session that discussed the article titled “international security and peace” on Wednesday , al-Jaafari reviewed the root causes of conflicts as he condoles families of the victims of the explosions in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia and France, denouncing vehemently the perpetrators, supporters and funders of the terrorist acts in those countries.

“Syria’s determination on the non-interfere of the Security Council in discussing other issues such as development stems from practical considerations mainly to avoid any dispersal to our international efforts that aim at achieving our common goals or politicizing them,” al-Jaafari said.

He called for activating the Security Council’s action to preserve the international peace and security and to prevent conflict-instead of making it interferes in issues that are not of its prerogative- through many steps, on top, the necessity of full and immediate implementation of all the council’s resolutions which were malfunctioned by some of its influential members for long years, such as the resolutions related to the Syrian Occupied Golan, Palestine and disarmament of Israeli nuclear weapons.

“We have to refer to the scandalous interference of some countries in Syria’s internal affairs since 2011 to overthrow the Syrian State by force through using “the //terrorist rebels// or through imposing unilateral and forcible economic measures,” he said, adding that “this interference caused losing decades of development and stability that Syria has lived before 2011.”

Al—Jaafari pointed out that the list of the issues that we find are an urgent need to be discussed at the Security Council is a last long, for example reviewing member countries’ respect and implantation of the Security Council’s resolutions 2170,2178, 2199 that stipulate to prevent supporting, financing, dealing with terrorists and facilitating their crossing to Syria in addition to preventing buying oil and stolen architectures form the them.

He called on to review the disastrous effects resulted from the unilateral American and European economic measures imposed against Syria and reflected on the humanitarian situations in implementation of the council’s resolution no 2139.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the continuation of conflicts, poverty, diseases, unemployment, malnutrition and disasters around the world as well as the absence of security and stability were mainly because the lack of the political will of the members’ countries not because the lack of Councils’ documents or resolutions.