WFDY General Assembly shows solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism

Havana, SANA- The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) stressed solidarity and support to Syria in fighting terrorism and
maintaining its unity and sovereignty.

Wrapping up activities of 19th General Assembly Conference held in the Cuban capital of Havana, the WFDY called for ending the terrorist war waged against Syria and lifting the unfair economic sanction imposed by the imperialistic systems on the Syrian people.

The National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) and Khalid Bakdash Youth Organization were elected as members of the New General Council of
the WFDY General Assembly, while Bakdash’s Youth Organization won the seat of the non-resident vice President of the WFDY.

Meanwhile, officials of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC) showed, in a
meeting with the Syrian delegation to the Conference, support to Syrian people, army and leadership in facing the terrorist war.

Hailing the valor of the Syrian Arab Army and resilience of the Syrian people as an example to be followed, Clara Pulido Escandel, the PCC coordinator for international relations with Africa and the Middle East said that Syria’s fate determines the fate of the entire region.

For their part, members of the participant Syrian delegation appreciated Cuba’s permanent support to Syria in all international
circles, asserting that Cuba and Syria are in the same trench in facing terrorism.

They also called for lifting the unfair American siege against Cuba.

Taking part in a reception held by the Russian embassy in Havana and meeting the Russian Ambassador in Cuba, The Syrian delegation thanked Russia, people, army and leadership for the supportive stances Towards Syria in its war against terrorism.

Within a Heritage Festival OF foreign nationalities held on the sidelines of the conference, the Syrian delegation in cooperation
with the NUSS, Cuba branch opened a pavilion for Syrian documents, magazines and gazettes showing Syrian’s culture and deep -rooted history, which witnessed a huge turnout.

Founded in 1945 and recognized by the United Nations, the WFDY brings together a large number of youth movements of the world.

H. Zain/ Barry